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TPO based carpets for automotive interiors are gaining popularity against traditional non-woven, PVC and EPDM based carpets. TPO carpets are cost effective, lighter weight, thermoformable with the added advantage of wash-ability & resistance to chemicals and weathering.

Zylog’s CompSpec™ 3000 range of flexible sheets, based on TPO chemistry, have been successfully commercialized, in for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, for both under-carpets over BIW, as well as foot mats.

Besides the obvious benefits of TPO, CompSpec™ 3000 sheets are designed with additional advantages of controlled sag performance, better draw to thinning ratio – saving material costs from blank size to part size by over 15%, high draw capability of up to 500mm, abrasion & mar resistance and high degree of insulation and NVH properties compared to other TPOs in the market.

These sheets meet automotive specifications of:

  • UV Resistance & Weatherability
  • High Chemical Resistance
  • Odour & VOC
  • Durability – flexibility with strength
  • Colourable to OE specs

CompSpec™ 3000, is a material of choice for several OEMs, considering the benefits of sustainability, 100% recyclability and coupled with Zylog’s Recycling Loop™ advantage, our costs are most competitive in the industry.Give us a call and see what we have in store for you.