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Zylog, recently, commercialized, a low density TPV compound for a large Indian OEM, for its passenger car inner and outer waist belt seal. The customer selected Neoplast™ TPV as an alternative to PVC.

The OEM was looking to upgrade the quality, life, sealing properties and aesthetics, while reducing weight and cost of the co-extruded hard and soft seal. The Tier I in turn was looking to reduce processes, as well as size of metal insert.

Both OEM and Tier I worked closely with Zylog, capitalizing on our 35 years of expertise and unique skills of understanding component performance and converting this into material specification, while keeping processing considerations in mind.

Besides weight, Neoplast™ TPV was able to provide harmony in colour, gloss and aesthetics across the connected seal including edges / corners, while it’s excellent resistance to UV, ozone and weathering ensures no blooming or whiteness.

Neoplast™ is a proven product for body sealing systems, allowing production of lower weight, thin walled components while maintaining excellent sealing properties, flexibility over time and is an excellent alternative to EPDM and PVC materials

Neoplast™ is approved by several OEMs for body sealing applications:

  • Roof Ditch Molding
  • Sunroof Seals
  • Windshield
  • Glass Encapsulation
  • Quarter Window
  • Waist Belt Inner
  • End Cap & Corner Molding
  • Glass Run Channel
  • Gap Hiders
  • Tailgate Trunk
  • Fenders
  • Wait Belt Outer
    Key advantages achieved:
    1.Weight reduction of system by 35%
    2.Final cost reduction of 20%
    3.Enhanced surface aesthetics
    4.No leeching of plasticizer / cracking over time
    5.No color change – excellent UV & ozone resistance


  • Density

COMP SET 70 C / 22hrs

  • COMP SET 70 C / 22hrs