ZYLOG is an integrated company,

manufacturing compounds, sheets and

end-use component

Thermoplastic Elastomer Compounds

Our portfolio of over 500+ formulations covers chemistry of olefins, styrenics – elastomers and polymers, manufactured and marketed under the brand names of Neoplast™, Neoflex™ & Neolloy™

Designed to suit plastic processing including Injection Moulding, Blow Moulding, Profile Extrusion, Sheet Extrusion, Coating, Thermoforming, these materials are available in hardness range from 8 Shore A to 65 Shore D, commercially supplied for applications across Automotive, Medical & Healthcare, Wire & Cable, Building / Construction, FMCG, Appliances, Electronics, Agriculture & Animal Management and Industrial uses.

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TPO Sheets & Composite Laminates for thermoforming

Zylog is forward integrated into manufacturing a wide variety of TPO based sheets and composite laminates for thermoformed applications in Automotive, Packaging, Building / Construction & Agriculture, under the brand name CompSpec™

These specialty sheets have replaced ABS, HIPS, HDPE, PVC across many applications, providing customers with light-weight, longer lasting, cost-optimized end use components.

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TPO Membranes & Expansion Joint Profiles

Zylog launched a range of products for direct use in Building / Construction under the brand name of GreenShield™

The product range includes TPO Roofing Membrane for heatshielding and waterproofing in various thickness, alongwith its accessories. These specialty sheets are an alternative to chemical waterproofing, guaranteed by Zylog for 15 years. Besides this, we also have a range of pre-formed extruded elastomeric water stop profiles and expansion joints for upto 500 mm gaps.
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