Products / Greenshield

GreenShield is a range of waterproofing and heat-shielding products, designed to be long lasting, more durable, easy to install and maintain and is cost effective. The products include TPO roofing membranes, TPE expansion joint profiles and tapes. These products are designed to be versatile for application on all types of buildings and infrastructure projects. Backed with our 15-year guarantee and over 35 years of materials expertise, GreenShield™ is our promise enabling you to provide safe and trouble-free homes and work spaces to humans around us.

Please explore our website GreenShield™  to learn more about the products and services we’ve designed specifically for the building / construction industry.

1: Factory Buildings and Sheds
2: Airports, Railway & Metro Stations, Bus Stations
3: Malls, Schools, Hospitals & Large Institutions
4: Commercial Buildings
5: Residential Buildings
6: Green Roofs & Podiums
7: Tunnel Waterproofing
8: Pipe Protection

1: Reinforced membrane
2: Single Ply – non-reinforced membrane
3: Expansion Joint Profiles
4: TPO Tensile Fabric

1: Roofing – Pre-Engineered Buildings: Provides heat-shielding & waterproofing
2: Roofing – RCC Buildings: Provides heat-shielding
3: Green Roofs & Podiums: Provides waterproofing & root penetration resistance enabling a living green space
4: Pipe Wrapping: Protects exposed pipes that run into the sea, along the coastal areas from corrosion and weathering
5: Tunnel Lining: Provides waterproofing