Industries / Consumer

Consumer applications are very demanding as these are directly linked to varying consumer preferences that are driven by tastes, culture, economic diversity, societal influences, environmental considerations and statutory regulations. There are countless applications across various industries such as luggage, FMCG, appliances, consumables, home and household, sporting goods, exercise and fitness, toys, child & infant products, footwear, office supplies, pet care & supplies, food contact and many more.

Over the last 35 years, Zylog has developed a wide array of speciality compounds to suit these applications with primary consideration of health & safety, aesthtics & haptics, cost and performance making us the go-to-compounder for our customers.

  • Balanced mechanical properties
  • Durable, long-lasting, thermal stabilized
  • Grippy, tacky, tactile feel & haptics
  • Colourable, UV & ozone resistance
  • Heat & oil resistance
  • FDA / Food Contact compliance
  • Good dampening and NVH properties
  • Excellent adhesion to engg. plastics, metals, textiles
  • Anti-skid properties, abrasion and wear resistance, good grain retention ability
  • Fragrance imparting capabilities


Grips & Handles
Luggage zip seals / gaskets / covers
Castor Wheels

FMCG & Consumables

Soft touch handles for spoons, kitchen utensils, hand held devices and other cookware
Pen grips, toothbrush grips, shaver grips
Infant care products – BPA free, latex free
Exercise tools – grips, bands
Pet care/toys
Airtight containers & lids


Pool & Spa applications
Door seals, valves & gaskets
Anti-vibration pads
O-rings, hose connectors
Grips & Handles