Industries / Building & Construction

We understand needs of builders, developers, contractors and applicators, while supporting new ideas of architects and designers. Over time, partnerring with these stakeholders, we have developed a wide range of compounds & products for direct use in building and construction.

Our compounds and products help fasten / modularize construction activities, provide long term performance for areas such as sealing, waterproofing, heatshielding, aesthetics, providing high-performance buildings, healthier living spaces, waste reduction, and elegant outdoor living spaces in residential, commercial buildings, factory buildings and PEB sheds, airports, metro and railway stations, hospitals, school and malls.

We excel at bringing new products to market keeping in mind performance, durability, aestheics that end users demand, supporting various projects with our technical expertise in formulation and processing.

  • Long term durability & performance
  • Quick installation with limited skill set
  • Enhanced aestehtics and haptics
  • Long term weatherability, sealing properties
  • High solar reflective index, Low emmissivity
  • TPO roofing membrane for waterproofing and heat-shielding
  • Chemical tank liners
  • Pipe Wraps – protective membrane
  • Drinking water tank liners (FDA Compliant)
  • Exterior Cladding – Formed Sheets
  • Interior decorative surfaces
  • Expansion Joints
  • Water Stop Profiles
  • Weatherstripping and Glazing Seals
  • Gaskets, seals for doors and windows
  • SWR pipe seals
  • Ball valve seals