Industries / Automotive

Very few industries are as demanding as automotive is. For more than 35 years, Zylog has been servicing challenging needs from global and domestic OEMs, with various formulations approved for applications in Interior, Exterior, Under the hood and chassis areas.

Zylog has been the go-to company for OEMs and Tier I when it comes to TPVs, TPEs and TPO materials and our vast product of over 500 formulations and colours makes us the perfect partner for manufacturers in this critical industry.”

  • ELV Considerations – Sustainability and Performance
  • Haptics, Fit & Finish; Colourability & Harmony
  • Safety
  • Lightweighting, lower density material with toughness & longevity
  • Pthalate free, non PVC materials
  • Excellent weathering, UV and ozone resistance
  • Low carbon footprint – low energy & resource consumption in the entire supply chain
  • Consolidate & reduce parts and processes